MTGO Library Bot (ML Bot) is the #1 Bot on Magic Online. Safe. Fast. Built with passion.

You pay only if you make profits.

Oh, and it's v4 ready.

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    ML Bot is easy to use and yet a very powerful tool. Whether you are a professional trader making a living or just a casual player who wants to get rid of his cards, ML Bot will serve you.



    You pay only a small commission based on what you trade (2.5%). If your bot does not sell, you pay nothing. Running an ML Bot is a zero-risk business - you just need a PC and a collection.


    Control Panel

    Control your bots from remote by logging on to Review stats, trade logs, collection history & more! ... the core of your bot beats here.



    Once you get used to ML Bot and learn how to use it, it's easy to scale the business. Just add a bot, link the customers' credits and you are ready to go.



    We are here to help. Feel free to ask us any question you have. We love Magic Online and we are passionate about what we do.