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Easy. And free for non commercial use.

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Automate your Magic Online account

Trade your cards for profits. Buy the items you need, sell the extra, automatically.

ML Bot is free for non-commercial use. You can use it for free forever on how many accounts you want as long as your monthly trades are below 500 tickets.
Buy and sell cards with a margin to obtain a profit. Or sell your extra cards. Or buy the cards you need to play at a discounted price. Whatever you decide to do, ML bot will give you a profit.
Our bot is designed to work autonomously. It will manage the Mtgo updates, the downtimes, the crashes... It will update the prices and keep up with the market while you enjoy your time.
Our companion application will help your trades. Your bot will be automatically listed and thousands of players will see your offerings.
Dynamic pricing
ML Bot follows the market and adjusts dynamically. Too much sales of a card? The price will increase. Low on stock with a card? The price will go up.
1st class
Our team created ML Bot using state-of-the-art technology. It's simply the most advanced bot out there.

Everything under control

After login, you will access the Online Control Panel. From there you monitor, adjust and check your bots even if you are not at home. Dashboards and stats offer everything you need to perform business intelligence and get the max out of your bot.


Install ML Bot on your computer, connect it to your Magic Online account and let it trade for you

Shared inventory

All your bots will share the inventory. They will behave like a unique big bot rather than small separated bots.

Dynamic Prices

The market can change fast. ML Bot reacts to the market and dynamically adjust the selling and buying prices to maximize your profits

Wikiprice API

Use the Wikiprice API to position your bot on wikiprice's key positions

Webshop API

Need to build a webshop? Our Webshop API let you sell cards and credits for cash. All secured by

Advanced business intelligence

Save money on design and code and spend it on concept, ideas and functionality. The Online Control Panel let you concentrate on your business and grow it

Shared credits

Shared the customers' credits among your bots. Customers can shop on one bot, then visit another and have their credits transferred

Profit logs

A clear Profit log will tell you, day by day, how much you profited, computing the differences between selling and buying prices

Spike protection, profit protection, & more...

This landing page is just too short to describe all. Register your mtgo account and discover all the features

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Terms of service


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